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A telepresence solution that provides a life-like, high definition collaboration experience for people in different locations.


  Ultra high quality video conferencing - 'it’s like being there"
  Immersive video meetings for 2 to 56 people
  A simple process for user
  Superior video quality - both High Definition (HD) as well as Standard        Definition (SD)


  Regained productivity and cost saving due to reduction in travel.
  Visual details are extremely sharp
  Sounds are typically directional, just as they would be in a face-to-face        meeting
  Visual images and sound will happen in virtually real time – there is no        noticeable delay between participants over great distances. People can        interrupt and challenge just like physically being there

  Channel Partners
  RealPresence™ HD   (RPX™  HD)
  RPX™ HD 400  Series
  RPX™ HD 200  Series

  Telepresence   Experience™ TPX™ HD

  HDX 9000™ Series
  HDX 8000™ Series
  HDX 7000™ Series
  HDX 4000™

  Definity   Communication   Servers


  Digital Phones

  IP Phone
  4600 Series IP   Telephone
  9600 Series IP   Telephone
  1600 Series IP   Telephone
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