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Boardroom Solutions:

Few of us would refute the old adage that in business, you have to spend money to make money. So it makes sense that if you want to hold more effective meetings, you have to invest in them. Over the last few decades, corporations have invested heavily in technology designed to increase individual employee efficiency. But fewer companies have extended this investment past the desktop and into the boardroom. Plush leather chairs and polished boardroom tables are no longer enough to furnish a boardroom – meeting room tools are essential to create a fully functional workspace.

At TACKER Technologies we understand that Boardroom is the key environment in Corporate Industry and as such requires a fully specified communication solution. Solutions based around single or dual Large Screen Projection, Dual Plasma Screens can be utilized to enhance this process. Video sources such as DVD, VCR and TV as well as Data sources provided by networked PCs and Laptop connection points located in strategically placed positions in furniture and floor boxes can be integrated to provide a very powerful facility. Partner this with the ability to connect to remote offices via the integrated Audio and Videoconferencing and the facility will provide for even the most demanding client.

  • State of the art facility for high-level meetings.
  • Independent Audio and Video systems to provide high quality        Speech, Sound and Images.
  •  Global communication facility within your existing offices.

Communication, the quality of information, its ease of delivery and use is vital to the decision making process. Our Solutions provide our clients with the facilities to realize their full business potential.

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